Environment and Sustainability

At Woodmansterne, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and boast the best eco-credentials and are therefore committed to implementing sustainable resources and practices wherever possible. We value our environment and, as a third-generation family-run business, feel it is within our duty to protect it to allow future generations to prosper. We continually inspire new ways to improve our sustainability efforts by working with leading suppliers, whilst researching and investing in new skills and technologies. Our recently launched Novella brand is one example of the innovative steps we are taking to preserve our environment whilst not compromising on quality. The resources used to create these cards were carefully considered – from the paper, ink, and foil right through to the envelope and 3D embellishment, each element is recyclable as paper.

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  • Our products only utilise environmentally accredited sources and continue to look for ways to develop new materials and processes that can increase the innovation and new product that follow this path.
  • We have eliminated all plastic packaging from our product for both retail and shipment of goods to store.
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining the majority of our products through UK manufacturing and supply - working only with European and Far East suppliers who adhere to both environmental and ethical standards.

Previous Awards

“The environmental crisis is certainly one of the greatest challenges of our time. We have no choice but to continually work hard, innovate and improve all that we do to remove waste, and reduce our environmental impact. Consumers look to business to help them do the right thing, be it making products easier to recycle, or remove unnecessary packaging, without reducing quality or making purchasing cards harder.

While proud of our progress so far as a business, we recognise there’s no room for complacency. The more we can work together in the industry, the quicker we will progress on this journey. We cannot afford to wait, (and the younger generations certainly will not) for the Government to help join the dots on these issues.”

Quote from Adam Osborne – Operations Director, Woodmansterne