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“We consistently review areas of the business and realised we were spending way too much time on the administration and buying within our card department. So after much research, we decided that using W-Select as our card broker was the best way forward. In W-Select we found an experienced partner we've come to trust to keep our sales figures up and our costs down”.

Ian Richardson, Managing Director, Garsons Garden Centre

What is W-Select?

Our W-Select programme offers you a one-stop solution for the planning and management of your greeting card assortment, helping you to create a unique and visually appealing card department with a diverse, exciting range of product.

Why brokerage?

Retailers across the country are realising that in the current economic climate they need to grow their business by attracting new customers, whilst retaining their existing customer base. To do this they need to offer a mix of cards that is both exciting and varied.

Why Woodmansterne?

We lead in the field in visual planning and brokerage having gained experience working with a range of retailers including John Lewis, in addition to leading independent shops and garden centres. Our W-Select brokerage solution offers you the following benefits:

  • A bespoke assortment to suit your customers
  • Our unique caption calculator – ensuring the optimum product mix
  • An assortment of top ranked designs from the very best publishers
  • Regular analysis and reporting
  • Less admin, freeing up time for you and your team

W-Select offers you a hassle-free experience, creating a customised selection of cards to suit your business. They ensure your displays are expertly planned, simple to manage, regularly merchandised and updated.

What next?

W-Select is a brokerage solution you can trust to keep your sales figures up and your costs down. To find out more about how W-Select can work for you call Mark Timlett on 07875 730 702 or email [email protected]

The W-Select programme offers you a one-stop solution for the planning and management of your greeting card assortment, helping you to create a unique and visually appealing card department with a diverse, exciting range of product from over 30 top publishers.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our happy customers have to say about W-Select.

“Previously, we managed our card selection and purchasing in-house, which gradually became more time consuming and less cost effective. We discovered Woodmansterne at Spring Fair and their brokerage system, where the top-selling cards from different publishers could be displayed in a cohesive range seemed like the perfect answer, and it is!

Emma, our wonderful Woodmansterne sales representative visits regularly and replenishes best sellers, adjusts seasonal ranges, replaces any damages and tidies the stands. New lines are added periodically to keep our regular customers interested.

In February, Woodmansterne offered us a complete refit with a choice of fixtures to complement our store d├ęcor and the results have been astonishing. Not only does the department look great but sales like for like with 2019 are 69% up to date. I would strongly recommend W-Select; they are a great company to work with and we feel like they are part of our team.”

Sally Cornellssen, Director, Burleydam Garden Centre

"We decided to move to W-Select for several reasons, including reducing our impact on the environment. With all the cards being recyclable and both plastic and glitter-free the move makes perfect sense. Not only is the removal of the plastic sleeve a very visible and positive environmental change it also allows customers to see the quality of the cards.

We also wanted to simplify the ordering and administrative process, therefore ensuring shelf availability which increases both sales and stock turn.

From initial discussions to final range selection the process was relatively easy and straightforward. Implementation in centres was smooth and easy to manage leading to a fabulous end result. Customer and colleague feedback has been extremely positive, with sales ahead of projection from the off."

Stuart Whalley, Buying Director, Rosebourne Garden Centre

"Changing over Bents’ main card supply was made so straight forward by Woodmansterne. The new card range certainly now offers something for everyone and has gained very positive feedback. Thank you so much for a very simple and effective transition!"

Paul Lewis, Merchandise Director, Austins Department Store, Newton Abbot

"W-Select offered us a solution that has allowed us to progress as a business. We are enjoying an increase in sales from a reduced stock holding and showing 100% of each design really has helped us create an exciting display."

Michael Wilkinson, MD, Occasions of Spennymoor, Co. Durham

"We were looking to refresh our tired and dated card department as part of wider refit to our ground floor. On recommendation we made a visit to the Woodmansterne stand at the NEC Spring Fair. We knew instantly that it was exactly the right fit for our customer profile and brand portfolio.

Things then moved at pace following a visit where we agreed upon the area and opened the discussion on a bespoke concept shop fit. Throughout the whole process they could not have been more accommodating and supportive in working with us to create a new department that sets us apart from the competition.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a professional team. Our stunning new department with a fantastic new assortment and excellent presentation standards opened for trade today and early customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Woodmansterne."

Paul Lewis, Merchandise Director, Austins Department Store, Newton Abbot

"We were initially attracted to W-Select because of their focus on visual marketing, not just putting ranges together by bestselling lines. This created a great display which our customers really like. In the two years since we started working with W-Select we have found their support has been first class, they are friendly, professional and surprisingly flexible.

The new plan enabled us to significantly reduce our stock holding, whilst at the same time giving us a small increase in sales. The vastly improved stock turn and reduction in capital has been very worthwhile. The system works well and enables us to stock a wide range of smaller suppliers without having to worry about hitting minimum order levels."

Roger Eames and Laura Didehvar, Celebrations Stourbridge

"We consistently review areas of the business and realised we were spending way too much time on the administration and buying within our card department.  So after much research we decided that using W-Select as our card broker was the best way forward.

W-Select's experience in greeting card design has enabled them to create a great range of own brand cards that are regularly refreshed and they have attracted the very best publishers as partners. So, quite simply, our customers trust us to give them the right choice of product.

We have a great relationship with the W-Select team and using their planogram and sales information effectively, we know we have the right amount of stock and that every line is selling. We know we made the right decision in choosing W-select as our broker."

Ian Richardson, MD, Garsons Garden Centre, Esher, Surrey

"Card sales had stagnated over the last few years and the ageing area no longer fitted the customers’ expectations in range. Changing the area, installing new fixtures and tailoring the range has had immediate results. After extensive research and visiting various suppliers at Spring Fair we decided Woodmansterne had the range, quality and look we were desiring.”

Throughout the whole process the team remained easy natured and professional. From the initial conversation at Spring Fair, communication throughout to the installation Woodmansterne have proven to be both Professional and collaborative. Working together we designing the space and layout, colour matching with new and existing departments alongside the designated area and planned the specific card designs and collections we felt would fit our customer’s needs.

Since the new department was installed the feedback from both customers and team have been incredibly complimentary. The merchandising support has proved invaluable and despite it being such a short period of time we have seen an instant increase in sales of by a third. The fresh range, clear signage and the ability to include a large selection of welsh cards into the collection meant we now have a unique display that we are proud off."

Kati Taylor, Head of Retail & Marketing, award-winning Fron Goch Garden Centre

"Haskins chose W-Select as we were keen to move the department forward, whilst it wasn’t broken there was an opportunity to improve the selection, improve the sales and get greater visibility of what we were selling. We also felt it was time to give the department a fresh, new look.

Woodmansterne were very accommodating through the whole process, quick to respond to queries and questions. During the changeover and installations, Woodmansterne managed the process extremely well in order to make the transition as seamless as possible. Since the installation we have had very positive feedback from customers. The focus on the selection and the placement of genre’s has also had a positive impact, resulting in positive sales growth in all stores since the installation. I’d definitely recommend W-Select."

Michelle Martin, Gifts and Seasonal Buyer, Haskins Garden Centres