Woodmansterne Fine Art

A wide choice of stunning blank and birthday cards which have been especially selected by Woodmansterne so you can choose the perfect words to match the ideal image for every occasion.

Favourite Things

Lucy Grossmith

Lucy Grossmith’s true inspiration comes from the beautiful countryside surrounding her home. On her walks through nature, she observes the abundance of local flora and fauna along with the ever-changing seasonal colours of the landscape and coastline.


We are delighted to be collaborated with Sanderson to reimagine their iconic designs as greeting cards for the very first time . Since 1860, Sanderson has offered beautiful country inspired interiors with a timeless British sensibility. Famous for their unrivalled wallpaper and their floral designs, this range encompasses all that Sanderson is; timeless, elegant and beautiful.


‘Cohort’ – a group of people with a shared characteristics. These witty, irreverent painted animalia are a delightful and charming representation of characters at play. Fair or ‘fowl’ our idiosyncrasies and peculiarities are what make us ‘mates’ ‘buddies’ or the very best of friends. In peculiar and challenging times, ‘cohorts’ are a reminder of, and a great way to share, how fun life can be.

Tinga Tinga Art

Developed in Tanzania by Edward Said Tingatinga, Tinga Tinga has become the most widely represented art in Eastern Africa; with beautifully decorative and extremely colourful images of African icons like birds, wild animals and landscapes. Tinga Tinga beautifully explores the relationship between nature and people.

Ashmolean Eastern Art

From the Ashmolean Museum’s much-celebrated treasure house collections this new range features rich, opulent designs from the Islamic Middle East, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and the Himalayas.

National Trust Habitat

When wildlife and nature are as one, beautiful things can flourish. From woodlands to wetlands, the National Trust works together with the natural world to protect it for future generations.

Mocchi Mocchi

Japanese sisters Sachiko and Junko Mochizuki are the creative team behind Mocchi Mocchi. Since graduating from Masa Mode Academy of Art in Osaka, they have been producing original prints using traditional silkscreen presses. Their work is designed to show deep affection and appreciation for the natural world.


Millbank showcases work from carefully selected contemporary artists, with each image beautifully produced within an embossed edging, making them ideal to keep and frame!

Samantha Barnes

Samantha Barnes delights in the expressive potential of paint and colour to represent her passion for the natural world in all its diversity. From a happy Bee to a quizzical Tiger, a proud Puffin or an Elephant with a voracious appetite; there’s something here for everyone to brighten up their day and say something new in a fun and colourful way.