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Loose Parts

Dave Blazek, creator of the syndicated comic Loose Parts, hails from just outside of Philadelphia in the US. Loose Parts and is syndicated daily to scores of newspapers and websites across the US including The Washington Post and others. Dave and Loose Parts are two-time winners of the coveted Reuben Award (Often referred to as the ‘Oscar’ of cartooning) for Best Newspaper Panel Cartoon; and he has been nominated six times by his fellow cartoonists for that honour. Dave and his cartoons look at


Funny comics are a sure way to brighten someone’s day, and that's exactly what comedy writer and illustrator Steve Nelson does! Using his joke-writing background, Steve (aka snelse) creates funny comics that might look rather simple at first glance, but they uncover much more than that at a closer look. His cartoons range from the absurd, such as knights getting stuck on giant magnet or a vampire struggling to shave in front of a mirror, to the observational, a faraway snail asking politely to hold th

Beth Garnett

Welcome to the world of Beth Garnett – Expect grumpy cats, women who are losing patience with the world and the occasional reference to bad popular music. Beth is an illustrator and image maker who lives and works in Cornwall, when she is not drawing, she is a wild swimmer, reluctant runner, and enthusiastic sleeper. As her large ginger cat says – these offer something very special for a number of birthdays.

Now What

Polly Dunbar’s musings on parenthood are fantastically funny, often poignant and always relatable. Polly’s book of drawings ‘Hello Mum’ captures this fleeting time with heart-touching perfection.

Secrets to Being a Cat

From the creative studio, Last Lemon, comes this sketch-style cartoon series that tells you all of the secrets that cats have. All cat owners will be able to relate to the chaos these cats cause and, maybe, they’ll finally be able to understand why cats do what they do.

Zoom Calls of Art History

‘Zoom Calls of Art History’ is a new range of humour by cartoonist Stephen Collins that celebrates original works of art while observing the trials, tribulations and amusements of modern-day Zoom calls!

Penelope and Friends

Following on from our highly successful ‘Fred’ range, ‘Penelope & Friends’ now have their own tales to tell as they go about their daily lives!


Genius features great examples of exam answers from some clueless, but in many cases, inventive students! These award-winning, witty and ingenious cards are both ridiculous and nostalgic – perfect cards for testing times!


The much-loved characters of Fred and Penelope (and Anthony their cat) are featured in this hilarious series of domestic capers.

Ross Jardine

A chance to look at everyday events from a slightly different perspective!

A Dogs Life

From the creative studio of Last Lemon, comes ‘A Dog’s Life’, a sketch-style cartoon series about dogs and their antics.

From taking your human on a long walk, to sneaking onto your favourite spot on the sofa, these cartoons celebrate our favourite companions.

Tim Cordell

Welcome to the world of cartoonist Tim Cordell, 20 years in the cut and thrust world of advertising have taught Tim to see the funny side of every and any situation.

World Of Moose

World of Moose is a creative partnership between Moose Allain, artist, cartoonist and prolific tweeter and Karen who runs the business side of things.

His work is known for his humour and wordplay. In his finely detailed, playful pictures, he creates a charming world from his imagination.

Quentin Blake

"Blake is beyond brilliant. He's anarchic, moral, infinitely subversive, sometimes vicious, socially acute, sparse when he has to be, exuberantly lavish in the detail when he feels like it. He can tell wonderful stories without a single word... I've never met a child who didn't love Quentin Blake."
- Melanie McDonagh, Daily Telegraph.


Infographics, pie charts, Venn diagrams are all used to great effect in our new Mindfulmess humour range to illustrate those tricky little quirks and dilemmas of everyday life we are all only too familiar with!

They Can Talk

Ever wondered what animals would say if they could talk? US cartoonist Jimmy Craig produces illustrations which reflect what actual conversations he believes animals may have, with brilliant and hilarious results.

Hysterical Heritage

Fresh from the award-winning Woodmansterne studio, Hysterical Heritage juxtaposes imagery inspired by the Bayeaux Tapestry with modern day expressions and dilemmas, resulting in a hilarious and unique, new humour range.

Stand Up

Joe Berger and Pascal Wyse met in a lift after meetings with their respective agents and went onto create the unique partnership of Berger & Wyse. They have produced sophisticated animation and comic strips for various outlets including Channel 4, BBC, Sky, Discovery and The Guardian.

Their title sequence to BBC1's drama series Hustle secured Bafta, Emmy and RTS nominations and their four-panel strip The Pitchers, an irreverent portrait of Hollywood ran in The Guardian for seven years.


Matt Pritchett, Pocket Cartoonist at The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph has been producing his daily, topical cartoons since 1988.

"His genius lies in being witty without being nasty." - Charles Moore, quoted in Max Davidson, The Daily Telegraph, 17 October 2008.


"A New Yorker cartoon might tickle you, but a good Punch could draw blood." - The Times

Featuring the pick of Punch magazine's funniest cartoons by some of the world's greatest cartoonists, this range celebrates years of laughs from a very British institution that is known around the world.

Irene and Gladys

‘Irene & Gladys’ - our two jolly and lovable pensioners critiquing the world’s most famous art works! Their unpretentious mutterings result in the sort of spontaneous hilarity only ladies who have ‘seen it all’ can utter! The cards are truly masterful, with tongue in cheek dialogue from renowned comedian Alex Lowe.

Off The Leash

Originally launched on Facebook, Rupert Fawcett's brilliantly observed, touchingly truthful 'Off the Leash' cartoons have developed a huge daily following around the world.

On The Prowl

Lovers of felines will appreciate the wit behind the behaviour of cats, both in and outside the home.


The life and times, the sights and sounds of everyday life in these fun text-based humour cards. Be it Alexa defining our days or the sound of the bottles clanking in the recycling, that irresistible urge to break into the ‘treats cupboard’ for a sneaky bag of crisps. Shared moments to share with friends in these bright and simply stated ‘oopsies’.

Everyday People Cartoons

‘Everyday People Cartoons’ is a cartoon series by Cathy Thorne that follows women and the people who love and annoy them. Cathy takes her inspiration from her family, friends and the people she meets and uses the hilarious insights and challenges they offer to inspire a lifetimes worth of cartoons.



In De Nile

Following our passion for adding a twist to historical themes, say hello to the hieroglyphical humour of In De Nile, where modern day themes are given an ancient Egyptian twist.


A professional cartoonist for 30 years, David Haldine’s work regularly appears in magazines and national newspapers. He started working on cards this year exclusively for Woodmansterne. Extremely versatile, David has been tailoring his wit and invention into wry looks at everyday life with short punchy captions and lively splashes of colour.


Paul Shadbolt is a regular contributor to the UK's leading satirical magazine, Private Eye. He says:

"The ability to laugh at ourselves is essential in an increasingly bewildering and complex world, but not nearly so important as buying this card."