Stephanie Dyment

Introducing Paper Chain, the brand new range from Stephanie Dyment, exclusively from Woodmansterne. With a distinctive style and sophisticated colour palette these eye-catching designs are accentuated with luxurious copper toil and a decorative envelope, making them the perfect card for any occasion!


Our Opium contemporary collection features heady, exotic and opulent imagery reflecting the dazzling vibrancy of the natural world as often found in warmer climes - at once passionate, exquisite and breathtaking.


{"description":"{"description":"{"description":"The National Trust Plant Conservation Centre was created to conserve a variety of rare and historically important plants and has inspired our latest collection of greetings cards. The unique plants at the centre have been collected over the last 400 years from around the world and each one has its own unique story to tell. Each greeting card carries information about the history of the featured plant and the beautiful artwork is enhanced with stunning foiling


Greenfingers are a national charity dedicated to supporting children who spend time in hospices around the UK. Their aim is to create inspiring gardens for them and their families to relax in and benefit from. They create beautiful, well-designed outdoor spaces for children to enjoy with their family, friends and siblings, whether through play and fun, or therapeutic rest and relaxation.

Rocking and Rolling

Our new in-house contemporary range designed for the men in your life. Football, golf, beer and gardening along with gentle humour are just some of the themes used to create these beautifully foiled greeting cards.

Favourite Things

Fabulous contemporary artwork from a range of designers showcases colour, pattern, nature and all things magical. A perfect send for any occasion.

Hannah Gilson

Hannah Gilson is a London based artist and illustrator whose mixed media practice combines painting, screen printing and drawing. Evolving from a predominately fine arts background, her work has naturally settled with hand drawn and digital illustration, where she engages with popular culture and aesthetics.


Loose and expressive brushstrokes are layered to form bold contemporary designs. A sophisticated colour palette is brought to life with pops of contrasting hues, texture and gold fluted foil.

Quill and Ink

Dappled line, a splash of colour and a smattering of golden sparkle – Quill and Ink, combines contemporary lifestyle imagery with indoor and outdoor scenes, celebrating the great outdoors, the natural world and part events in equal aplomb. Quill and Ink, the perfect cocktail for a celebratory range.


Warm, refreshing tones highlighted with flashes of raised golden foil characterise this striking, multi-layered contemporary range Dusky. Popular themes of celebration mix with references to luxury modern interiors. From party balloons to crystal chandeliers there is something for every party.

Candy Floss

Indulgently bright, bold and celebratory, welcome to Candy Floss. Mint, aqua and peach flavours with flashes of gold foil inform this trend inspired treat for the eyes and for the perfect birthday. Coming soon you will see this fun look translate into relations, occasions and ages.

National Trust Harmony

Celebrating the work of the National Trust and the habitats it protects, this range of birthday cards is enhanced with delicate gold foil.

Emma Bridgewater

We are delighted to be working with Emma Bridgewater, the well-loved and quintessentially British pottery maker, to bring you a range of beautifully embossed cards.

Peach and Prosecco

Let's shut out the noise, get rid of the echo; We'll put up our feet and drink... Peach & Prosecco. The latest fizz from Woodmansterne features a delicate contemporary colour palette enhanced with striking gold foil highlights.


As the name suggests, these feminine and delicate, pretty and intricate pastel illustrations are finished with gold highlights to create the ideal card to convey glittering birthday wishes for female friends and relatives of any age.

Framed Echo

Inspirational photography combined with spirited, elegant typography that brings celebratory and energetic sentiment to life.

Livin It

Fresh from the pen of illustrator Adam Larkum, our striking new humour Birthday collection combines animated, contemporary imagery with beautiful embossed detailing and witty, simple captions.

Man on Mars

‘Man on Mars’ plays around with scale to create a slightly surreal composition that juxtaposes everyday items, sports and hobbies with the hint of a vintage aesthetic. The witty peculiarities combined with subtle gold foil and muted colours make for a playful alternative to a regular male range.


Fresh from our design studio comes our new contemporary male range combining collage and ever-popular themes.


Our fabulous and timeless male contemporary range, brought bang up to date with fluted copper foil. Perfect for men of all ages.

Just Josh

Contemporary illustrations featuring bold splashes of colour and line work, and with a tasteful twist of class. Inspired by favourite male pastimes, this range has been created to offer something for all ages and interests.