Dolce Vita

‘The Sweet life’ has been beautifully captured in each of these unique designs, giving them their name of Dolce Vita. Themes of leisure and indulgence run effortlessly through these cards, and the gold foil finish perfectly complements the lavish concept. Dolce Vita is the perfect way to embellish somebody’s special day with luxury and pleasure.

Paper Chain from Stephanie Dyment

Introducing Paper Chain, the brand new range from Stephanie Dyment, exclusively from Woodmansterne. With a distinctive style and sophisticated colour palette these eye-catching designs are accentuated with luxurious copper toil and a decorative envelope, making them the perfect card for any occasion!

Happy Hand from Stephanie Dyment

Happy Hand, a new range from Stephanie Dyment, is a colourful collection of flowers, dots, stripes, and dashes and is the perfect way to add a splash of vibrant warmth and joy to a special day. Bold, lively, and embellished with decadent gold foil, these striking new oil pastel designs are a sure way to share Birthday cheer!

Meadow from Stephanie Dyment

Welcoming Meadow, Stephanie Dyment's newest contemporary range featuring beautifully hand-painted, watercolour illustrations. The meadow element in these designs is comprised of Flora and Fauna to emphasise the beauty of the natural world and the creations within it. Wild blossoms and floral patterns have been seamlessly incorporated to form the main feature of each animal, such as wildflower bumble bee wings and floral peacock feathers, subsequently creating striking patterns against the animal.


From award-winning artist Charlotte Mason, Hazel is new and exclusive to Woodmansterne. Filigree and lustre of the golden foil combines with illustrations of exotic, classical animalia and natural elements. With the combination of sophisticated colour palette and lettering these cards are an extra-special way to celebrate with style.


Bright, bold expressive painted flora and fauna all set to make the right impression with textural, gestural embossing. Captioned Happy Birthday sends, sure to bring sunshine into everyone's special day.

Rocking and Rolling

Our new in-house contemporary range designed for the men in your life. Football, golf, beer and gardening along with gentle humour are just some of the themes used to create these beautifully foiled greeting cards.


Loose and expressive brushstrokes are layered to form bold contemporary designs. A sophisticated colour palette is brought to life with pops of contrasting hues, texture and gold fluted foil.

Quill and Ink

Dappled line, a splash of colour and a smattering of golden sparkle – Quill and Ink, combines contemporary lifestyle imagery with indoor and outdoor scenes, celebrating the great outdoors, the natural world and part events in equal aplomb. Quill and Ink, the perfect cocktail for a celebratory range.

National Trust Harmony

Celebrating the work of the National Trust and the habitats it protects, this range of birthday cards is enhanced with delicate gold foil.

Emma Bridgewater

We are delighted to be working with Emma Bridgewater, the well-loved and quintessentially British pottery maker, to bring you a range of beautifully embossed cards.

Peach and Prosecco

Let's shut out the noise, get rid of the echo; We'll put up our feet and drink... Peach & Prosecco. The latest fizz from Woodmansterne features a delicate contemporary colour palette enhanced with striking gold foil highlights.


As the name suggests, these feminine and delicate, pretty and intricate pastel illustrations are finished with gold highlights to create the ideal card to convey glittering birthday wishes for female friends and relatives of any age.

Livin It

Fresh from the pen of illustrator Adam Larkum, our striking new humour Birthday collection combines animated, contemporary imagery with beautiful embossed detailing and witty, simple captions.


Fresh from our design studio comes our new contemporary male range combining collage and ever-popular themes.