Humour & Quirky

Natural Yoghurt

Natural Yoghurt is a hilariously creative new range of comical illustrations by Lee Fearnley, featuring a host of animals in different, real-life situations, displaying some of their well-known personality traits. Just a few of these cards include an overgrown joey whose parents are desperate for him to fly the pouch, to a cat with terrible dinner table etiquette. Whether somebody needs cheering up or you just enjoy making the people around you laugh, Natural Yoghurt is an absolute guarantee!

Tom Foolery

Tom McLaughlin is an author-illustrator of celebrated children’s books, and has previously worked as a political cartoonist for The Western Morning News.
His Tomfoolery series combines bold and graphic-style artwork with eccentric, wry humour, and his prints celebrate the joys in the small moments of daily life, with a focus on all things weird and wonderful.
His books have been nominated for countless awards and have been translated into over ten different languages.

Potato Printer

Potato Printer is the brainchild of James O’Brien. The artist, illustrator, and comedy writer uses humour (and potatoes) to create a daft world of funny-looking animals trying their best at life.

Inanimate Objects

This rib-tickling new range by Lee Fearnley brings our everyday routine to life in a series of creative illustrations, disclosing how the objects we subconsciously use everyday would probably feel if they could tell us. From car keys playing hide-and-seek to the despair of loo roll after the office’s spicy curry lunch, this varied range is sure to make everybody chuckle, whatever the occasion!


Known for his fondness for hand-drawn cartoons, talented illustrator, Dannyboy has created a series of illustrations featuring witty remarks and sarcastic jokes. Featured in some of these sketches, Dannyboy displays a hilariously unique way to save on energy bills, how cookies can be easily confused in today’s world, and how a black tie only dress code can be confused for wearing ONLY a black tie… For those with a witty sense of humour, Wisecrack is a hilarious and relatable pick-me-up.

Pink Cat Cartoon

Tom McLaughlin is a multi-award-nominated author-illustrator of celebrated children’s books. His newest illustration range, Pink Cat Cartoon, centres around the inner thoughts of a cat and what they would most likely say if they could talk. These comical cards perfectly encapsulate the renowned characteristics of cats and how their feelings towards human interaction would be translated into words.


Inspired by comic book illustrations from the 50s, 60s and 70s, this Nostalgia range will certainly revive some very fond memories for those who grew up during those years. Whilst the old-school illustrations are the foundation of these cards, the brightly coloured, stand-out speech bubbles, featuring witty remarks and humorous scenarios, are the star of the show.

Amelia Ellwood

Amelia Ellwood is passionate about playful illustrations, bold colour and humorous world play. Her unique, hand drawn designs feature puns inspired by food, animals, pop culture and music.

World Of Moose

World of Moose is a creative partnership between Moose Allain, artist, cartoonist and prolific tweeter and Karen who runs the business side of things.

His work is known for his humour and wordplay. In his finely detailed, playful pictures, he creates a charming world from his imagination.

Comedy Club

All our greatest hits and new humour performers now under 'one roof'. A growing collection of colourful, cartoon based one liners to tickle the funny bones - top jokes from our very best comic writers all printed on our classic '5 by 7' gloss format for maximum eye-catching and rib-tickling cards.


Laura Truby, greeting card designer, photographer and copywriter has created this new range. Laura doesn't profess to being an amazing mixologist but loves sharing these witty takes with a 'naughty tipple' with these greeting cards! Stylish, witty and classic in equal measure, each one lovingly printed on our gloss art board - what a way to celebrate!


Funny comics are a sure way to brighten someone’s day, and that's exactly what comedy writer and illustrator Steve Nelson does! Using his joke-writing background, Steve (aka snelse) creates funny comics that might look rather simple at first glance, but they uncover much more than that at a closer look.

Loose Parts

Dave Blazek, creator of the syndicated comic Loose Parts, hails from just outside of Philadelphia in the US. Loose Parts is syndicated daily to scores of newspapers and websites across the US including The Washington Post and others. Dave and Loose Parts are two-time winners of the coveted Reuben Award for Best Newspaper Panel Cartoon. Dave and his cartoons look at the world from an absurdly different angle so you won’t hurt your neck doing it yourself.

Speed Bump

Don’t you just love turning down a side road after gliding off a major road to find a succession of tidy Bumps to slow one down or ruins one’s undercarriage. Speedbump from acclaimed comic artist Dave Coverly celebrates those ‘turns in the road’ at moments in daily life that make us laugh and wince in mutual measure. In his own words – ‘Basically, if life were a movie, these would be the outtakes.’


The much-loved characters of Fred and Penelope (and Anthony their cat) are featured in this hilarious series of domestic capers.


Genius features great examples of exam answers from some clueless, but in many cases, inventive students! These award-winning, witty and ingenious cards are both ridiculous and nostalgic – perfect cards for testing times!

National Trust Wag Tales

An effectionate tribute to our enjoyment of the great-outdoors and the relationship with 'mankind's best friend'. Another exciting and exclusive collaboration between the National Trust and our talented Woodmansterne creative team.

Quentin Blake

"Blake is beyond brilliant. He's anarchic, moral, infinitely subversive, sometimes vicious, socially acute, sparse when he has to be, exuberantly lavish in the detail when he feels like it. He can tell wonderful stories without a single word... I've never met a child who didn't love Quentin Blake."
- Melanie McDonagh, Daily Telegraph.

They Can Talk

Ever wondered what animals would say if they could talk? US cartoonist Jimmy Craig produces illustrations which reflect what actual conversations he believes animals may have, with brilliant and hilarious results.

Hysterical Heritage

Fresh from the award-winning Woodmansterne studio, Hysterical Heritage juxtaposes imagery inspired by the Bayeaux Tapestry with modern day expressions and dilemmas, resulting in a hilarious and unique, new humour range.

Stand Up

Joe Berger and Pascal Wyse met in a lift after meetings with their respective agents and went onto create the unique partnership of Berger & Wyse. They have produced sophisticated animation and comic strips for various outlets including Channel 4, BBC, Sky, Discovery and The Guardian.

Their title sequence to BBC1's drama series Hustle secured Bafta, Emmy and RTS nominations and their four-panel strip The Pitchers, an irreverent portrait of Hollywood ran in The Guardian for seven years.

Irene and Gladys

‘Irene & Gladys’ - our two jolly and lovable pensioners critiquing the world’s most famous art works! Their unpretentious mutterings result in the sort of spontaneous hilarity only ladies who have ‘seen it all’ can utter! The cards are truly masterful, with tongue in cheek dialogue from renowned comedian Alex Lowe.

Off The Leash

Originally launched on Facebook, Rupert Fawcett's brilliantly observed, touchingly truthful 'Off the Leash' cartoons have developed a huge daily following around the world.