Our Cards - Humour and Quirky  

From the honest minds of kids themselves comes this quirky new range! Building on the popularity of our “Genius” range, which features the funny things children write in exams, “Little Genius” features some of the funniest quotes from The Wisdom of Kids – Soula Zavacopoulos multi award-winning range, where she asks children their thoughts on love, life, the differences of the sexes and more - to hilarious result! 
Following our passion for adding a twist to historical themes say hello to the hieroglyphical humour of In De Nile, where modern day themes are given an ancient Egyptian twist. 
Welcome to the world of cartoonist Tim Cordell, 20 years in the cut and thrust world of advertising have taught Tim to see the funny side of every and any situation. 
Radio 4’s ‘Sorry I haven’t a clue’ has been delighting fans since 1972. Since it’s inception ‘clue’ has seen it’s success blossom from the impish son of @I’m sorry I’ll read that again’ to the daddy of all panels games. 
Mindfulmess logo
Infographics, pie charts, Venn diagrams... All used to great effect in our new Mindfulmess humour range to illustrate those tricky little quirks and dilemmas of everyday life we are all only too familiar with! 
World of Moose is a creative partnership between Moose Allain, artist, cartoonist and prolific tweeter and Karen who runs the business side of things. They live and work by the sea in Devon. His work is known for his humour and wordplay. In his finely detailed, playful pictures, he creates a charming world from his imagination, now available in a new range of greeting cards. 
The eponymously titled Proctor Proctor is the brainchild of Emma Proctor, eminent illustrator and humourist. A range which celebrates the joyful miscommunications / soap opera between him and her and her and him with a unique contemporary style. 
Quentin Blake Greeting Card 319204  
Sir Quentin Blake CBE is one of the most prolific and certainly the best-loved of British illustrators, continuing to draw into his 80s.   We are delighted to feature a wide range of his drawings on a selection of cards for all ages and occasions. 
Quentin Blake Greeting Card 319204 
Quentin Blake Greeting Card 399688 
Quentin Blake Greeting Card 364563 
Hysterical Heritage Greeting Card 416958  
Hysterical Heritage logo
Fresh from the award-winning Woodmansterne studio, Hysterical Heritage juxtaposes imagery inspired by the Bayeaux Tapestry with modern day expressions and dilemmas, to result in a hilarious, and unique, new humour range. 
Hysterical Heritage Greeting Card 416941 
Hysterical Heritage Greeting Card 386800 
Hysterical Heritage Greeting Card 416934 
Stand Up by Maria Scrivan Greeting Card 385940  
Joe Berger and Pascal Wyse produce sophisticated animation and comic strips for Channel 4, BBC, Sky, Discovery and the Guardian.  US cartoonist Maria Scrivan lives in Connecticut and her cartoons have been published in prestigious and popular magazines, newspapers, books and US television. 
Stand Up by Berger and Wyse Greeting Card 419058 
Stand Up by Berger and Wyse Greeting Card 419065 
Stand Up by Maria Scrivan Greeting Card 385933 
Woodmansterne Truth Facts Greeting Card 421051  
Truth Facts logo
Telling it how it really is, these on-trend designs illustrate succinct and pithy observations on the trials and tribulations of modern life.  Guaranteed to raise a knowing smile or three! 
Woodmansterne Truth Facts Greeting Card 369124 
Woodmansterne Truth Facts Greeting Card 421075 
Woodmansterne Truth Facts Greeting Card 421068 
The Telegraph Matt Greeting Card 413452  
Humour Matt Logo
Raise a smile with these excellently observed cards by Daily Telegraph cartoonist Matthew Pritchett.  Five-time winner of the UK Press Awards, receiving an MBE in 2002, Matt has been wryly capturing everyday British moments for over 20 years. 
The Telegraph Matt Greeting Card 232190 
The Telegraph Matt Greeting Card 252020 
The Telegraph Matt Greeting Card 344756 
Punch Greeting Card 317965  
Humour Punch Logo
Featuring the pick of Punch magazine’s funniest cartoons by some of the world’s greatest cartoonists, this range celebrates years of laughs from a very British institution that is known around the world. 
Punch Greeting Card 307133 
Punch Greeting Card 425288 
Punch Greeting Card 260230 
Woodmansterne Spike Milligan Greeting Card 394966  
Humour Spike Milligan Logo
No one has captured the peculiarities of our British sense of humour more closely than Spike. Best-known for his ground-breaking British radio programme, ‘The Goon Show’, he was its co-creator, main writer and principal cast member. 
Woodmansterne Spike Milligan Greeting Card 175589 
Woodmansterne Spike Milligan Greeting Card 190117 
Woodmansterne Spike Milligan Greeting Card 365270 
Woodmansterne Genius Greeting Card 418204  
Genius features great examples of exam answers from some clueless, but in many cases, inventive students!  These award-winning, witty and ingenious cards are both ridiculous and nostalgic – perfect cards for testing times! 
Woodmansterne Genius Greeting Card 402654 
Woodmansterne Genius Greeting Card 402661 
Woodmansterne They Can Talk Greeting Card 411519  
Woodmansterne They Can Talk logo
Ever wondered what animals would say if they could talk? US cartoonist Jimmy Craig produces illustrations which reflect what actual conversations he believes animals may have.. with brilliant and hilarious results. 
Woodmansterne They Can Talk Greeting Card 418259 
Woodmansterne They Can Talk Greeting Card 411465 
Woodmansterne They Can Talk Greeting Card 418235