Fundraising 2024

Every year we raise funds for a broad selection of charities through the sale of our Christmas Charity Packs and Boxes. With a host of fantastic charities around the UK, our selection process is challenging and one we must consider carefully. We aim to choose charities that aid varied causes to ensure the scope of our support is broad and reaches as many different areas of need as possible. Upon selection, it is within the agreement that all the money raised will be sent in full and will go solely towards the work of the charity, rather than being spread across administration costs. Each year, we receive extensive reports from each charity whereby they exhibit the specific projects they are working on and highlight the progress they have been able to make as a result of customer contribution.

Choosing a charity card reflects how much you care – care about our environment, those who are suffering, or those who need support – and through the sale of our Christmas Charity Collection, all of us, both Woodmansterne and you as customers, have contributed to the lives of adults, children, and animals around the UK by ensuring that these charities can continue to research, support, enrich and conserve the subject of their cause.

Every year, causes are chosen with great care to ensure that all the money is used wisely and efficiently. We choose ‘hands on’ charities, who work directly with those in need. At Woodmansterne, we are careful not only to choose a worthy cause, but to ensure that the organisation behind every charity is effective, efficient and well-focused. We set up agreements which guarantee that all the money we collect goes in full to the work of the charity and is not swallowed up in administration costs. Every year each charity sends us a detailed report on their progress and on the specific projects that have been funded by your contributions.

Charity Packs

In 2023 our charity cards will help raise valuable funds for the following causes –

Charity Boxes

In 2023 our charity boxes will help raise valuable funds for the following causes –

Examples of Our Charity Products