Environment and Sustainability Statement  

At Woodmansterne, we are committed to using sustainable materials and practices wherever possible. As a third-generation family business, we understand the importance of protecting our environment and safeguarding it for future generations. While we are proud of our environmental credentials, we are continually looking to learn, adapt and improve where we can by working closely with the best suppliers and by investing in skills and technologies.

We source the very best quality boards from specialist paper mills in Europe to make our greeting cards, and we since the year 2000 we have only used pulp from responsibly-managed forests to ensure our supply is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  • We are proud to use only FSC accredited board. Further detail can be found here www.fsc-uk.org/en-uk
  • We are regularly reviewing and exploring the best ways to source paper in as efficient and environmentally-friendly manner as possible, while not compromising on quality.

We manufacture all our cards entirely in the UK: from the design, print and finish, through to the packing and distribution. By running our own award-winning manufacturing facility, we ensure high-quality results, and less waste.

  • We manufacture in the UK – not in the Far East, which adds vastly more to a product’s carbon footprint.
  • Our two working sites are well situated to utilise local expertise (Watford – a centre of print; Milton Keynes – the nation’s warehousing and distribution hub) and are less than 40 miles apart. Keeping close to main distribution hubs of key retailers helps in minimising carbon footprint from transportation.
  • We source all our key materials from suppliers with whom we have close working relationships. This helps maintain a stable, efficient and reliable supply chain, crucial to ensuring our exacting standard of high-quality results and minimal waste.

In 2016, we began working with an expert mill in Italy to create a bespoke paper made from 100% recycled pulp. As a result of only using post-consumer waste pulp to make this envelope and insert paper, we have saved over 10,000 trees in the last two years!

  • No trees were cut down to create this paper!
  • This recycled paper is made to our bespoke requirements of colour, weight, texture and translucency (to prevent the card showing through the envelope).

For over 30 years, we believed that the best way to protect a card and keep it pristine was to wrap it in a glass-clear polypropylene bag. Although the bag was recyclable, it has recently become clear that all film (good or bad) ends up in landfill, so bagged cards are simply not an option.

We are now delighted to introduce our new ‘Smart Seal’ packaging, which eliminates the need for plastic outer wrapping, from March 2019. Our new seal holds the envelope with the card, so no risk of lost envelopes! Unbagged cards take us one step closer to becoming plastic waste free, something we’ve been working on for many years.

To ensure we don’t create additional waste we will continue to sell through our existing stocks of bagged cards before replacing with new smart sealed stocks.

Learn more here.

At Woodmansterne, we are passionate recyclers, and have worked hard to reduce the waste from our sites in Watford and Milton Keynes to just 6% going to landfill.

  • One of the best ways to reduce the impact we have on the environment is to be as efficient as possible. We are firm believers and drivers of Continuous Improvement and Marginal Gains – processes we continue to hone by:
  • Investing in people and their training
  • Investing in equipment, and
  • Ironing out inefficiencies to reduce lead times and waste
  • We are proud to have an award-winning production facility in Watford, and an innovative and industry-leading Distribution Centre in Milton Keynes.

We have reduced our internal transportation carbon footprint by 56% since 2016, due to investment in new processes!

  • In 2016, we successfully trialled an innovative transport solution from The Netherlands, which enables pallets to be stacked on top of each other during transportation.
  • By investing in 40 of these units, we have halved our annual transport costs and carbon footprint, helping the business and the environment. Several of our suppliers and customers have been inspired to follow suit.

While we are fully committed to finding a better solution to recycling our products and packaging in the future, we want to take action NOW! We have begun by labelling all our products and packaging to help consumers recycle effectively.

  • ‘Recycle me’ is a new message you’ll now see on our products and packaging. We are delighted that this logo has now been adopted by ‘Recycle Now’, the official national recycling campaign for England.