A message from Seth Woodmansterne

Friday, 17 April 2020
A message from Seth Woodmansterne

The past few weeks have been extraordinary. And, despite the significant challenges and economic uncertainty we all face, our immediate concern must be for the health and wellbeing of friends and family. “Nothing else really matters as long as you have your health!” goes the saying, and surely it has never been more apt.

But, in true British fashion, we ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ (with appropriate social distancing measures of course)! Already, we are seeing positivity springing up and strengthen for the time when we can start to get life back to a new normality.

For us at Woodmansterne, we are into our fourth week of real change. We have a skeleton crew safely carrying on in Production, ensuring the Christmas requirements are met. If you still need to order, or need any other help for that matter, you can contact Toma (our lone member of the customer services team, working from home) by phone: 01923 200600 or email: [email protected].

At our Milton Keynes distribution centre, we continue to work safely with a small team operating four days a week. There is still activity, albeit significantly reduced of course. Where essential retailing continues (Post Offices and Farm Shops in particular), it is heartening to see that many people still want to be sending cards.

Those that remain at the helm are busily looking to ensure that we navigate our way through these troubled times and are well prepared to support you when you need us. We are positive for the future, and look forward to a time soon when we will meet again!

Please continue to keep safe and well.

With all our best wishes,

B. Seth Woodmansterne
Managing Director